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My song is available for streaming but without lyrics, what can I do?

How do the lyrics of my song get to Instagram/TikTok/Spotify?

In the digital music market there are a wide variety of distribution platforms, some provide comprehensive services by default and ask you to provide the lyrics at the time of submission, some provide a partial service or charge an additional fee for the use of advanced features and some simply do not have the technological ability to provide you with lyrics addition services.

Once the song and lyrics are linked and synced they can be used on streaming/social platforms.

Add the lyrics manually

If your distribution company does not allow adding the lyrics, you can do it manually using MUSIXMATCH. Musixmatch is an Italian data company engaged in synchronizing lyrics for songs and translating song lyrics into other languages. A considerable amount of lyrics to songs on the Internet comes from the users of Musixmatch.

If you have added the lyrics of your songs to Musixmatch, you will be happy to hear that the lyrics of your songs will be sent from Musicmatch to Instagram, Tiktok, Spotify, Apple Music and more..

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